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Title: Excel 2011 for Mac Learning Roadmap - Microsoft
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Category: Spreadsheets
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Microsoft Excel 2011 for the Mac has a new and intuitive interface with the redesigned of the main Toolbar, which makes it more compatible and easy to use. The spreadsheet application has a new Elements Gallery and an updated Toolbox. Office 2011 uses the same file format as Office 2010, and runs on Intel-based computers and PowerPC-based Macs. You may share your files with other Mac users regardless of the Macintosh computer they use.

Follow this roadmap of training and Help topics to learn how to use Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011 in a systematic step-by-step approach.

  1. Become familiar with Excel

  2. Work with sheets and data

  3. Work with functions, formulas, and lists

  4. Work with charts and graphics

  5. Analyze, share, and collaborate

  6. Explore other useful resources

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