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Title: Outlook 2010: Make the Switch to 2010 - Microsoft Tutorials
Media: Web
Category: Internet/Communications
Course Description: The Microsoft online course, Getting Started with Outlook 2010, provides a series of tutorials that guide you through the application features and functions.

Microsoft provides a link to all Outlook 2010 Online Tutorials. The tutorial titles are topic specific and do not appear in any order.

Course: Make the switch to Outlook 2010 [View Full Course] [40 min]
  1. Find everyday commands in Outlook 2010 [Slide 2]
  2. Create and send messages [Slide 3]
  3. Read and respond to messages [Slide 4]
  4. Print and set Outlook Options [Slide 5]
  5. Get around in your Calendar [Slide 6]
  6. Search and find in Outlook 2010 [Slide 7]
  7. Practice finding and using everyday commands [Slide 8]
  8. Test yourself [Slide 9]
  9. Quick Reference Card
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