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Title: Google Apps: Mail/Calendar Introduction [Online Equivalent]
Media: Web
Category: Google Apps, Internet/Communications, Orientation/General
Course Description:

This course is an online equivalent of the Google Mail/Calendar Introduction course. It reviews all the basics functions covered in the hands-on workshop and based on appsforVCU gettingstarted: A Guide for Faculty and Staff. Supplemental videos and articles are provide below.

Quick Intro to Google Apps:

Note: VCU provides 30GB of Storage.

Lotus Notes Users:

Note: If you are a Lotus Notes user, this guide will show you how to do the same Lotus Notes function in Gmail.

Course: Google Mail/Calendar Introduction

Handout: appsforVCU gettingstarted: A Guide for Faculty and Staff

Section 1: Overview Section 2: Login and VCU Settings Section 3: Compose Mail Section 4: Conversation View or Message View Section 5: Working with Messages and Labels Section 6: Manage and Sort Messages Section 7: Contacts Section 8: Using Tasks and Chat Section 9: How to Delegate an Email Section 10: Calendar Overview Section 11: Manage your Calendar Section 12: How to delegate a Calendar
Instructor Led Training: Other Resources:
Use Requirements: Google - Chrome 32 [Atomic Learning] OR Google - Chrome Online Manual
Sponsor: Technology Services