Date Time
Wed 10/13/2021 04:00pm - 05:30pm

RAMmalogues - Open Dialogue on Socioeconomic Status Does cash rule everything around you? Do you wonder how that differs for others? Come engage with students, faculty, and staff in our upcoming RAMmalogues session about socioeconomic status and class. Share how socioeconomic status has impacted your life and bear witness to what others have to share in open dialogue. RAMmalogues, led by a trained facilitator, is a space for intercultural, multigenerational, and community-wide conversations around who we are and what matters to us. All students, faculty and staff are invited, but registration is limited to 25 so reserve your spot now. For more information, contact Jan Altman, Ph.D., at or visit Register for any Fall 2021 session of RAMmalogues here or through our website at

Inclusive Excellence
VCU Students, Faculty and Staff Only
Altman, Jan