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Thu 01/18/2024 12:30pm - 02:00pm

The Division of Animal Resources (DAR) is hosting a workshop entitled "Inhalant Anesthesia and Monitoring". This workshop provides demonstration and hands-on training for the following: 1. Isoflurane Anesthesia, 2. Animal Health Monitoring during anesthesia induction, procedure and recovery, 3. Nail trims This workshop is an excellent opportunity to learn components and care of isoflurane vaporizer/anesthetic machines as well as the required monitoring practices of animal health during stages of anesthesia. Participants will administer anesthesia, monitor animals and perform nail trims. This workshop is intended for individuals already proficient in handling rodents. Individuals must be listed on an IACUC-approved protocol in order to participate in this workshop. Attendees must be listed on an approved protocol using isoflurane. Space is very limited and registration is required; observers /non-animal handlers are discouraged from attending. All participants receive a certificate of completion. The workshops are targeted to individuals who specifically handle animals on a research protocol. You must be listed on an IACUC approved protocol in order to participate in this workshop. An exception will be made if an amendment to add the individual, who has completed required AALAS Learning Library modules, is in process and the health letter has been received by the IACUC office. After registration, you will be contacted to confirm that all prerequisites have been met and to receive specialized instructions. A reminder email will be sent about 1 week prior to the training date. You will be informed if you are on the waiting list for a particular session. If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Donna Tignor at Contact Information: Ms. Donna Tignor (Facilitator), (804) 828-3408

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