Virginia Commonwealth University


Title: Facilitating Group Discussions (Preparing to Teach @ VCU Series)

Date/Time: 8/14/2012  2:35pm - 4:00pm

Presenter: Phillip Edwards

Registration: 17 seats available (Max. Class Size = 24)
(Class is archived)

Building: Harris Hall   5182

Cost: $0  

Sponsor: Online@VCU

Audience: VCU Faculty and Staff Only

Category: Teaching/Learning

Description: Many students find courses which incorporate in-class discussions to be particularly rewarding and beneficial for developing their intellectual (as well as personal) interests in a discipline. What we mean when we talk about "discussion" in the classroom varies in terms of implementation, but several challenges remain for this style of teaching: students, particularly those who are unfamiliar with general expectations for college-level discourse, might initially be reluctant to contribute; participation patterns might be uneven across the students; sensitive, divisive, or difficult topics might be introduced; and students may struggle to extract relevant insights from these conversations. Participants in this workshop will leave being able to prepare and plan for types of questions that help foster effective discussion; to apply techniques for sustaining and redirecting the in-class dialogue; and to develop strategies for monitoring, tracking, and synthesizing students` contributions throughout the class.

Contact: Phillip Edwards