Virginia Commonwealth University


Title: Film Screening: Diet: A Look at Processed Food, Nutrition, and Obesity in the 20th Century

Date/Time: 11/7/2012  12:00 - 1:00 pm

Registration: 14 seats available (Max. Class Size = 25)
(Class is archived)

Building: Hunton Student Center   TML Learning Center, Room 209

Cost: $0  

Sponsor: VCU Libraries

Audience: VCU Students, Faculty and Staff Only

Category: Audio/Video

Description: Attitudes about the industrialization of food have changed greatly over the past several decades. What used to be considered a scientific miracle now seems like a horrific joke: piglets being reared in incubators that look like tiny iron lungs; fish raised in tanks of runoff water -- and growing at a remarkable rate! -- from a nuclear power plant. These scenarios and more are presented in Diet as it traces the rise and fall of processed food, from promising cure for malnourishment to eventually being linked to obesity, heart disease, and cancer. Participants are welcome to bring their lunch. Registration is encouraged. Walk-ins are welcome.

Contact: Thelma Mack