Virginia Commonwealth University


Title: 01: How People Learn and Implications for Syllabus Design (Preparing to Teach @ VCU)

Date/Time: 1/7/2013  10:05am - 12:00pm

Presenter: Zachary Goodell

Registration: 2 seats available (Max. Class Size = 24)
(Class is archived)

Building: Harris Hall   5182

Cost: $0  

Sponsor: Online@VCU

Audience: VCU Faculty and Staff Only

Category: Teaching/Learning

Description: This session will provide the opportunity to explore beliefs participants hold about teaching and learning and how those beliefs align with current theories of how people learn. Instructors` beliefs about teaching and learning impact course design, teaching practice, and student learning, many of which are implicitly or explicitly reflected in a course syllabus. The course syllabus is often the first point of contact instructors have with their students, and this document can offer a framework for student learning throughout the semester. Participants will leave this session with: a better understanding of how you can align your teaching with the science of how people learn, while honoring the need for flexibility, innovation and creativity; alternatives for organizing and presenting the content of a syllabus; methods for developing, communicating, and negotiating instructor/student expectations; approaches for representing how learning objectives, learning activities, and assessments are linked together; and options for creating the conditions for community-building and engagement prior to (and during) the first week of class.

Contact: Phillip Edwards