Virginia Commonwealth University


Title: Marketing Yourself: How to Stand Out in a Personal Statement

Date/Time: 11/5/2013  12:00 - 1:00 pm

Registration: 8 seats available (Max. Class Size = 24)
(Class is archived)

Building: Tompkins-McCaw Library   2-010

Cost: $0  

Sponsor: VCU Libraries

Audience: VCU Students, Faculty and Staff Only

Category: Research/Searching

Description: Writing personal statements is really hard. Seriously. It?s surprisingly hard to write about ourselves. We?re never really taught how to do that. In fact, we?re taught that modesty is a virtue, that we shouldn?t go around bragging about how great we are. But there you are, trying desperately to get into med school or law school, to earn a place in a grad program or to win a scholarship and WHAM! Suddenly you have to figure out a way to make the reader believe you?re the most qualified candidate for the spot. Unfortunately, if you?re like most of us, that?s pretty intimidating. ?What have I ever done that?s special?,? you might think. ?I?m boring. How can I stand out?? A lot of us feel that way. In this workshop, we?ll stop worrying about trying to come up with fantastic stories and instead focus on ways to make the most of our regular old experiences. By reconceiving the personal statement as a marketing tool, you?ll learn how to talk and write about your experiences in a way that makes your ordinary experiences extraordinary and shows the reader just how qualified you really are.

Contact: Alexander Burke
(804) 928-8825