Virginia Commonwealth University


Title: PTT Series: Testing and Assessment

Date/Time: 1/9/2014  10-11:50am

Presenter: Enoch Hale

Registration: 18 seats available (Max. Class Size = 25)

Building: Academic Learning Commons   4100

Cost: $0  

Sponsor: Teaching Excellence

Audience: VCU Faculty and Staff Only

Category: Teaching/Learning

Description: Two major approaches for understanding what our students learn are (formative) assessment and (summative) evaluation. This workshop is designed to help you find a balance between these two approaches which would be appropriate for their disciplines and teaching contexts. We will explore how to link assessment/evaluation mechanisms to course learning outcomes; how to integrate Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) into your courses; how to develop or adapt rubrics for assessment/evaluation; and strategies for providing more meaningful feedback on students` work. By the end of this session, participants will be able to: identify the defining qualities of formative and summative approaches to characterizing student learning; integrate assessment and evaluation more seamlessly into your teaching; and develop more meaningful opportunities for students to both give and receive feedback during your courses.

Contact: Enoch Hale