Virginia Commonwealth University


Title: 15x15x15 Online Workshop Series: RSS

Date/Time: 5/15/2009  12:00- 12:15 PM

Presenter: Kristine Hughes

Registration: 10 seats available (Max. Class Size = 20)
(Class is archived)

Building: Online  

Cost: $0  

Sponsor: VCU Libraries

Audience: General Public

Category: Research/Searching

Description: Want to know what RSS is? RSS will save you time in keeping current with your favorite websites. This class will describe ways to set up RSS feeds and will discuss some of the main free RSS readers/aggregators. Online Instructions: This library workshop will take place online via the Wimba Live classroom found within Blackboard. As you register for this course you will be added to the Health Sciences Resources Blackboard course which will appear under the My Courses heading when you log into Blackboard. This course contains tutorials and other information pertaining to the various databases used at Tompkins-McCaw Library and is a useful tool for you to consult after the online class to help you in further understanding databases such as PubMed. To participate in the online class you will need to check your computer to make sure you have all the necessary software to participate in the class. You will need a pair of headphones or speakers that are connected to your computer. You may also use a microphone to communicate with the instructor, but that is not required. We will have someone monitoring any questions you may have via the classroom chat. Access for all online instructions to prepare your computer for the class. To listen to the instructions on screencast you will need your headphones or speakers.

Contact: Kristine Hughes