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Title: Excel 2010 Introduction

Date/Time: 10/14/2011  9:00am [Cabell] - 12:00pm

Presenter: Shirley Mitteldorfer, Technology Services

Registration: 2 seats available (Max. Class Size = 16)
(Class is archived)

Prerequisites: Computer basics such as using a mouse, navigating, and managing electronic files and folders

Building: Cabell Library   320

Cost: $0  

Sponsor: Technology Services

Audience: VCU Students, Faculty and Staff Only

Category: Computer Basics, Microsoft Office, Spreadsheets

Description: This course covers the basics of using Excel 2010 in the office and teaching environments. Excel is a spreadsheet program that is able to calculate and analyze numerical data. Collected data displays graphically with a chart/graph or in table format. Basic terms and how they apply to the Excel environment provide an understanding of how Excel works.

Learning Objectives:
  • Describe a spreadsheet and suggest several potential applications
  • Explore Excel "Options" known as Backstage View to change application defaults
  • Create, manage, save, and open a spreadsheet
  • Understand the "Ribbon"
  • Type, copy, manage text, and numeric values in columns and rows
  • Resize, add, move, and delete columns and rows
  • Enter a series of numbers, dates, and data across a range
  • Change page orientation, set print titles and print range
  • Format spreadsheet using Styles
  • Display date and dollar amounts using different formats
  • Use Spell Check
  • Distinguish between a constant, formula, and function
  • Discuss the order of operations
  • Enter a formula to calculate numeric values
  • Use the fill handle to copy formulas across columns and rows
  • Understand the difference between absolute, relative, and mixed cell addressing
  • Enter a function to average and sum numeric values
  • Print a worksheet two ways (displaying the computed values or the cell formulas)
  • Create charts/graphs using Insert>Charts
Important Notice (Microsoft Silverlight): The 2010 videos require Microsoft Silverlight. If your video does not show or play, click the Silverlight installation icon when displayed to install the application. Click here to learn more about Silverlight.

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